Vishesh Bhatia, the former CEO of Jumbo has passed away on Thursday, June 27, 2019, in Dubai, UAE. He was 74. Vishesh was an industry veteran and pioneer in many ways, with decades of experience in the retail sector.

Shishir Jha, Chief Human Resource Officer of Jumbo Electronics said, “Vishesh inspired the entire team at Jumbo with his indefatigable energy, tenacity, passion, and dedication. His legendary sense of humour and an impeccable sartorial taste and varied experiences made us all look up to him. He never failed to impress us all with his love for movies and an elephantine memory that was often on display when he would quote from his favourite books or movies. His almost childlike fascination for the adoption of new technologies and gadgets fascinated us all. He will always be remembered by the Jumbo family.”

“During his two tenures as CEO of Jumbo, Vishesh helped transform the company’s retail offering for clients and customers. He was a valuable member of the business fraternity in the UAE, and well-known and respected by his peers in the industry,” said Jumbo Group in a statement.

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