Beno Technologies, a youth-led technology company based in the UAE, announced today the launch of its newest initiative, Beno, an innovative platform set to revolutionize the vehicle renting sector. As the transportation market undergoes one of the most radical changes shaped by new technologies and on-demand mobility services, many sectors are being disrupted.

|Beno recognizes this shift and the underlying emerging opportunities. By embracing the concept of a shared economy, Beno aims to empower SMEs across the UAE by unifying their fleets under one streamlined tech-based platform. The community-based vehicle rental marketplace will not only increase traditional sales channels for its partners, but also create a more efficient, data enabled, and technology driven ecosystem with consumers at its heart,” said the company in a statement.

The tech start-up aims to elevate the traditional way of doing business with high level services, innovation and profound customer care. “Keeping both our partners and customers happy is the reason we do what we do. With that, success follows, said Ahmad Eshtieh, Co-founder, Beno Technologies. “We are a community driven bunch looking to fill all gaps of our industry with state-of-the-art technology and constant innovation to enhance our customer’s experience.”

Since its inception in 2018, Beno Technologies, a youth-led tech company has taken the market by storm attracting the attention of numerous venture capitalists and investors with their vision, innovation and energy. The company has successfully raised a seed round and is valued at AED 10 Million.

According to a study by Euromonitor International, total online car rental sales in the UAE will reach AED 1.85 billion by 2022 and sales are expected to grow at a cumulative rate of 14.8% between 2020 and 2022, assuring the exponential growth in this particular market. Beno’s vision is to act as the bridge for local vehicle rental businesses amplifying their probabilities of being part of this statistic.

“Our launch confirms Beno’s continued dedication to spearheading technological innovation within the technology and overarching business community” said Mohammed Awad, Co-founder, Beno Technologies. The new Beno app is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store.

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