UAE-based recruiting firm Connections has announced the launch of the temporary jobs app, Giget. Aimed at connecting candidates and companies under a single platform, Giget is being touted to be the region’s first temporary and part-time job portal, spanning across sectors including retail (technology, FMCG, beauty), events, and hospitality.

Giget enables job seekers to find temporary sales, promoters, event ushers and warehouse associate positions to work for, on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, while providing seamless access to companies for temporary staff. It also facilitates simplified ways to manage and measure work with next-gen tech abilities such as blockchain, smart contracts, and direct payoff.

The temporary job sector, also known as the ‘gig economy’ is growing rapidly, especially in the UAE, owing to increased flexibility and benefits that short-term jobs offer. More human resource leaders in the UAE believe that the gig economy will minimize long-term costs associated with recruitment and training while allowing candidates to develop a broader and more specialised range of skills.

As a tech-advanced platform, Giget’s tailor-made approach to catering to temporary jobs is the key attribute that differentiates it from other platforms in this market. Giget provides recruiters with skilled resources and specialized solutions to manage temporary staff activities, and work schedules, and track their sales. On the other hand, Giget benefits candidates by offering consistent temporary jobs with fair pay and convenient schedules.

Shravan Khanna, Managing Director, said, “Giget empowers companies to save up to 80% in hiring time by allowing them to interact with over 5000+ readily available temporary staff with residence visas, within 24 hours. For candidates, once they have created their profiles, they can find their next gig at their choice of time, preference, and convenience.”

Giget offers an array of beneficial features for recruiting companies. As a portal, it allows companies to post their job openings and job descriptions while setting project budgets before the hiring process has commenced. It creates staff rosters and tracks actual work hours and sales via the app. Recruiters can use the portal’s built-in features to view candidates and interview them through text, video, or in-person mediums.

The Giget app is also enabled with location geofencing to keep a record of staff punch-in activity and ensure that they are starting their shifts at their scheduled time, at their designated location. Salaries are automatically calculated based on actual working hours to release payments seamlessly.

For job-seeking candidates as well, Giget offers several key benefits. Candidates can browse through temporary jobs that are specially curated for the app users’ matches and preferences. In only a few seconds, jobs are not only found but matched to the users’ preferences. Candidates can use the app to effectively manage numerous job applications, and keep track of their upcoming interviews, while they review and accept offers with ease.

They can also manage targets and shifts simultaneously, and leverage the application’s messaging tool to stay connected with supervisors and colleagues and to get in touch with prospective future employers. For student job seekers that are learning and yet want to earn, Giget provides them an opportunity to be financially solvent. It enables candidates to get paid for work instantly, fairly, and securely, all through the app. It also equips them to get high ratings and positive reviews, to create a strong candidate profile, facilitating more jobs.

Candidates can also opt for cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Soon Giget Cash cards will be launched as another option for employees to receive their dues. Giget is here to provide an important and efficient solution to hiring challenges and simplify the process of finding temporary and part-time jobs in the UAE. It is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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