UBQT, the UAE’s Latest Social Media Platform, Aims to Facilitate Face-to-Face Reconnections

Dubai-based UBQT, founded by the dynamic duo Jonathan Hasson and Lara Varjabedian, has introduced its revolutionary social media platform. The new platform aims to facilitate genuine human connections and reinstate the “social” aspect of social media. The inspiration behind UBQT stems from Jonathan and Lara’s personal story of reconnection.

The Journey Behind the App
As global citizens who had crossed paths multiple times over the last three decades, Jonathan and Lara lost touch with each other’s whereabouts. It wasn’t until a mutual friend abroad connected them that they realized they were both residing in Dubai. This realization prompted them to reflect on the numerous contacts, from former colleagues to classmates, that they had lost touch with and the potential missed opportunities for reunions.

Distinguishing Features
UBQT sets itself apart from other apps by addressing the challenge of finding dedicated time for face-to-face meetings amid busy schedules. The platform enables users to schedule direct meet-ups with contacts by blocking specific dates and locations, whether planned months in advance or spontaneously. With its location-based features, UBQT facilitates real-life catch-ups for its growing community, both locally in the UAE and globally, fostering professional and personal reconnections.

Jonathan Hasson, co-founder and CEO of UBQT, expressed pride in the platform’s official launch, emphasizing its simple goal of reducing digital time and encouraging more in-person interactions. He highlighted the digital connectivity paradox, emphasizing the platform’s role in bringing back value to human connections and optimizing users’ time.

Unique Features for Quality Connections
UBQT tackles the issue of busy schedules and digital disconnection prevalent in current social media platforms. The platform allows users to define the scope of their private network, with no direct messaging or content-sharing options. Instead, the focus is on staying updated with contacts’ travel schedules and availability.

Users can share a status about planned trips, allowing contacts to send calendar invites for catch-ups, making the process unique and time-efficient. The intentionally limited features ensure users do not feel overwhelmed by excessive requests, offering a quality-focused approach to fostering meaningful connections.

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