Stake Announces Partnership to Match US Investors with Dubai Real Estate

Stake, the leading digital platform for fractional real estate investment with over 500,000 registered users from over 180 countries, has announced a strategic partnership with Republic, the renowned US unicorn-based investment platform. This collaboration will offer U.S. investors unprecedented access to the booming real estate market in Dubai and soon, in Saudi Arabia, marking a significant milestone in global investment opportunities.

With the Dubai real estate market offering 8% gross yields, compared to the average of 4% in other cities like New York City, this partnership will enable more international investors to seek greater returns. In practice, Republic investors will be able to seamlessly invest in Stake and the Dubai real estate market through the Republic app and website, thereby realizing both platforms’ shared vision of democratizing their retrospective asset classes.

CEO of Republic, Kendrick Nguyen

Since its launch in 2020, Stake has been instrumental in transforming the Dubai real estate market, allowing global investors to engage in fractional ownership with an entry point as low as 500 AED. Already more than 50% of investors on Stake are from outside the UAE. Their initiatives have not only contributed to expanding the demographic of investors but have also challenged traditional investment barriers, thereby creating a more inclusive and diverse investment landscape.

Dubai’s real estate market stands as an appealing destination for U.S. investors for various reasons. The city’s property prices are highly competitive, standing 20%-80% cheaper than major global cities like Monaco, Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Republic, the US-based investment platform, curates private investment opportunities with high growth potential such as start-ups, gaming, crypto and real estate. Championing the idea that “private is the new public,” Republic has been at the forefront of lowering the barriers to participating in the new economy with a minimal initial capital of $50.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Stake, Rami Tabbara, said, “With Republic, we are breaking down geographical and financial barriers, empowering investors to explore new markets with confidence. Keeping our investors at the forefront of our considerations is key, as highlighted by our recent partnerships with financial technology giants like Visa and to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions.”

CEO of Republic, Kendrick Nguyen, said, “With Stake, investors have a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios and tap into the thriving real estate markets of the Middle East. Our partnership with Stake aligns with Republic’s mission to democratize investment opportunities globally and solidifies our presence in the MENA region.”

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