Propshop Brings Fractional Ownership to Dubai’s Real Estate Sector

In an era where technology meets real estate, Propshop, a prop-tech firm based in the UAE, is redefining the investment landscape with its groundbreaking platform. This platform introduces the concept of fractional ownership in Dubai’s booming real estate sector, a move that democratizes access to this lucrative market for a global audience.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Sarah Sajwani, a renowned figure in the UAE’s real estate market, Propshop has launched a tokenized real estate investment platform. Starting with an accessible entry point of just AED 500, the platform invites regional and global investors to partake in the UAE’s vibrant market.

Early investors can purchase tokens equal to a sq ft of the investment property, sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, representing a direct investment and approximately 30% of the entire property value. Phase two of the platform’s broader launch, starting on the 27th of April 2024, will offer the remaining 70% of tokens and conclude this initial investment opportunity.

Propshop’s 24/7 exit facility is a novel concept that allows investors to monitor the value of their assets in real-time and consult with Propshop’s industry experts to exit their investments easily. This platform is not just about investment; it’s about informed investment, where participants can engage with premium real estate opportunities based on the due diligence applied to the selected units, all fractionalized and securely traded on the blockchain.

“Propshop is revolutionizing real estate investment by integrating the physical and digital worlds, offering inclusive opportunities for a diverse range of investors,” says Sarah Sajwani, CEO of Propshop. “We’re integrating real assets into the crypto space, emphasizing trust, transparency, and tangibility, underscoring our commitment to creating real investor benefits.”

Sajwani also highlighted, “Through diligent navigation of regulatory requirements, Propshop has secured the necessary licenses to uniquely offer off-plan real estate investments into UAE properties for the first time. Granting unparalleled early access to investors globally to partake in the UAE’s real estate market, maximizing growth potential and leveraging on local expertise.”

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