Grow Your Circle is an open source database that helps U.S. agencies find under-represented talent, such as people with disabilities, those from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and so on. The database can also be searched for female or minority-owned businesses. Created Forsman & Bodenfors, the database is aiming to help companies avoid misfires.

For example, last month, Ancestry released an ad showing a 19th-century black slave running away with a white man. The company thought the ad depicted the way its service can recapture lost history. Critics called it a sugar-coating of slavery. Ancestry pulled the ad, but not before getting a load of negative press.

The idea for Grow Your Circle grew out of an attempt by Forsman & Bodenfors to hire an all-female production crew. They found it difficult to source the right talent and came up with the idea of a database that would focus on sourcing minority talent for use in advertising.


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