White Water Public Relations, has created a unique value proposition for small and medium businesses in the UAE and can be availed by companies across the globe. Real estate companies, schools, malls, cinemas, tourism boards, hotels, eCommerce stores, restaurants, consumer stores, theme parks, streaming platforms, hospitals, luxury products, consumer products, films, celebrities can all benefit from customised ideas based on their requirements.

“I am a great admirer of Wright brothers who created aviation history in 1903 and it all started with a powerful idea. It is important to futureproof the businesses ‘now’ so that they are ready to take on 2021. One of the ways to mitigate the risks posed by the pandemic is by infusing powerful and customized ideas within your strategy that resonate with the target audience. Once we manufacture the idea it is ready to be rolled out across all forms of communication and marketing platforms. This pandemic has changed the way we do business and organizations will have to unlearn some of the old methodologies and replace it with some new ones that would catapult their brand to the next level,” added Prem Ramachandran, Founder, and CEO, White Water Public Relations.

To make it easier for SMEs the company has created a simple form on its website https://whitewaterpr.com/hire-ideas/, where they can click on the ‘HIRE IDEAS’ section to enter the requirements along with their budget. “As a Dubai based agency, we wanted to support the businesses in the UAE and internationally with game-changing ideas well within their budget. Our idea barometer is industry and geography agnostic. So irrespective of the industry or geographical location, we can churn customized ideas for any brand, any industry from any corner of the world,” added Prem.

White Water PR was also chosen by Johny Dar, for his global ‘Jeans for Refugees’ project. A unique fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees across the world with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee (rescue.org). The celebrities in the project included Joaquin Rafael Phoenix, Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Vivienne Westwood, Daniel Radcliffe, Bella Hadid, Sir Elton John, Sharon Stone, P!nk, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield and Victoria Beckham among several others. Each pair of jeans donated by these celebrities were converted into an individual art piece and was also exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

The company has worked across a wide spectrum of industries and has launched entrepreneurs, unveiled the world’s largest gold ring, energy efficiency companies, hotels, restaurants, consulted Islamic Investment Banks, government bodies, real estate entities, healthcare providers, profiled international artists, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, launched electronic megastores, extreme adventure companies, B2B trade shows in the region, movies, perfumes, tires to diesel engines and have also run campaigns for diabetes prevention.

“We are perhaps one of the only agencies in the world to have conceptualized ideas in this organic format. The whole objective is to make the necessary difference to a brand and eventually it’s bottom-line. White Water PR has executed several ideas over the years, for brands in the UAE and across the globe. All the rights to the ideas are then transferred to the company or the individual and they are free to use them as per their requirement. The client also has the luxury of taking this idea generated by us and roll it out with the help of their own teams or they can rely on us to roll it out,” added Prem

We commenced operations in the summer of 2008 when businesses across the world were shutting shop. So, we understand the pain points that an SME can go through as we have experienced it first-hand,” concluded Prem.

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