Maybourne Hotel Group Collaborates with Virtusan for Wellness Tech

Maybourne Hotel Group has today announced a partnership with Virtusan, a science & technology-based platform. Dr. Li Wu Founder, and Chairwoman of Virtusan made the announcement during a keynote speech, at the prestigious 17th annual Global Wellness Summit in Miami.

Dr. Andrew Huberman

This partnership, between Maybourne and Virtusan, enables a global first advancement of hospitality, and human health backed by Virtusan’s Scientific Advisory Board S.A.B. which comprises some of the thought leaders of our generation including global luminaries Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and Dr. Shauna Shapiro.

Dr. Shauna Shapiro

This partnership allows Maybourne to offer hotel guests the latest from Virtusan’s S.A.B., the foundational evidence-based protocols designed to promote healthy habit formation integrated into Maybourne hotel environments. Leading to improved performance, greater happiness, and a pioneering distinct approach to Longevity. Roland Fasel, COO of Maybourne Hotel Group, commented, “We understand that health, well-being, and longevity are at the forefront of our guests’ minds and appreciate the complexities involved in getting the balance right. By tapping into the incredible expertise of Virtusan’s S.A.B. and leveraging the latest evidence-based technical advances, we are confident that we will be better able to meet our guest’s needs wherever they are in their wellness journey.”

Dr. David Sinclair

Dr. Li Wu, founder and CEO of Virtusan said, “We have chosen to partner with Maybourne Hotel Group, leaders and innovators in the luxury hospitality industry, by creating “Emerse”, a world-first integrated, immersive, environmental experience for their guests. Led by our Science Advisory Board, Virtusan aims to seamlessly blend digital and physical health experiences to promote healthy habit formation backed by science, clinical trials, research and evidence. Merging our foundational protocols with spaces, and amenities engineering health through behaviours and multi-sensory stimulus. This project is particularly important for me as it would provide a cornerstone for a happier, healthier life for everyone.”

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