Arista Properties Enters Into the UAE

The real estate sector stands as an instrumental force in the UAE economy, constituting nearly 5.5% of the total GDP. Dubai, recognized as the world’s fourth busiest ultra-prime property market last year reported a remarkable 40% increase from to AED 97.55 Billion in Q3 2023 compared to AED 69.5 Billion in Q3 2022.

As Dubai cements its status as a regional hub for finance and business, the tangible influence on the real estate market becomes evident, drawing in more players and investors, certain to catalyze additional development within the sector. In the same context, Arista Properties – a new entrant in the real estate landscape, makes its way into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market, reinforcing its commitment to the sector.

The company is slated to make substantial investments of over AED 5 billion in the next three to four years. Introducing a fresh perspective to luxury living, Arista is poised to set new benchmarks in the real estate sector by infusing bespoke designs and elegance into every project. Arista claims that it stands at the forefront of Dubai’s evolving real estate landscape, recognizing the city’s stature as a prime market for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs).

In a city where luxury is not just a lifestyle but a statement, Arista is poised to redefine opulence in real estate. With an acute awareness of the limited opportunities for premium properties, Arista envisages setting itself apart as the avant-garde of exclusivity, introducing a portfolio of the most exquisite and lavish residences that cater to the customer’s desire for the extraordinary.

“We are pleased to introduce Arista Properties to the UAE Market. Through this launch in the UAE, we recognize the unparalleled potential of this dynamic market. The UAE, with its visionary leadership, thriving economy, and diverse population, perfectly aligns with Arista’s commitment to redefine luxury living. At Arista, we embrace the principles of bringing quality over quantity, and our approach involves intensive space planning, to provide best-in-class premium living, aligning seamlessly with the lifestyle of our customers. We are confident that our bespoke services will not only redefine the essence of community luxury living but also enable the industry to reach new heights,” said Srishti Gaur – Head of Media Relations, Arista Properties.

With a vision to create homes that resonate with the discerning tastes of families seeking the epitome of luxury, Arista will bring together the finest designers, architects, and landscapers to craft exceptional living spaces. In the coming years, Arista Properties is also looking at venturing into commercial real estate, developing luxury commercial spaces in the future.

Arista goes beyond the conventional role of a real estate developer; it stands as a partner in the prosperity of the communities it engages with. Built on a distinctive three-pillar value system, Arista embraces Spaceless Living, redefining lifestyles effortlessly for the select few. The second pillar, Boundless Experiences, accentuates bespoke luxury, meaningful moments, and an exclusive community that nurtures enduring connections. The third pillar, Timeless Elegance, signifies Arista homes as enduring legacies, meticulously crafted with precision and premium materials—more than mere residences, they encapsulate a philosophy of life cherished across generations.

Arista has appointed One Broker Group – an award-winning real estate agency as its official sales partner, for its first project at Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City), designed by none other than the world-renowned architect firm HBA- Hirsch Bedner Associates. With this association, Arista is all set to make a lasting impact on the real estate landscape in the UAE.

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