Connecting Buyers and Sellers to Facilitate the Trade of Recycled Plastics

Maryam Al Mansoori, the General Manager at Rebound, says her company contributes to reducing the carbon footprint associated with virgin plastic production

Please tell us about your efforts that ensure a sustainable and equitable digital future.
As an organization, we ensure a sustainable and equitable digital future by optimizing our platform’s processes, having it aligned with international practices which allow all buyers and sellers around the world to partake in a quality-ensured transaction which also ensures plastics remain in the economy and out of the environment. Monetizing it as it is a commodity of the future, and digitalization will drive connections and connectivity, and that circular economy due to the importance of tracking and traceability should and will be digital.

What is your commitment to combat climate change?
Our commitment to combat climate change is at the core of our mission. We understand that plastic pollution is a global challenge with significant environmental implications, and we’ve made it our goal to be part of the solution. Our commitment starts with our Rebound Platform, which connects buyers and sellers to facilitate the trade of recycled plastics. By promoting the use of recycled plastics, we contribute to reducing the carbon footprint associated with virgin plastic production. We also actively engage in international events, where we seek opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations and promote sustainable practices. Furthermore, we continuously work to improve transparency and quality assurance in the recycling industry to ensure that recycled plastics meet the highest standards. Our commitment extends beyond business; it’s a dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

What are the challenges in combatting global environmental issues?
We recognize that addressing climate change is not just a moral obligation but a business imperative. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and fostering a circular economy. Combatting global environmental issues presents several challenges, including the complexity of interconnected ecosystems, lack of awareness and understanding of the environmental impacts of human activities, and the need for international cooperation and coordination. Additionally, there can be resistance to change, conflicting interests, and financial barriers to implementing sustainable solutions. Overcoming these challenges requires a multifaceted approach involving education and awareness, policy and regulation, innovation, and collaboration among governments, businesses, and civil society.

What sort of trends do you foresee in the areas of sustainability and technology?
In the areas of sustainability and technology, we foresee several trends shaping the future. One trend is the increasing integration of sustainability into technology design and development, leading to the creation of more eco-friendly and energy-efficient products and solutions. Another trend is the emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain that can enable more effective monitoring, reporting, and verification of sustainability initiatives. Additionally, there is growing interest in circular economy models, which involve designing products and systems that promote reuse, recycling, and resource efficiency. Finally, we expect to see increased collaboration between technology companies, governments, and stakeholders to address global sustainability challenges through innovation and collective action.

How do you envision your role in shaping a more sustainable future in 2024 and beyond?
In 2024 and beyond, we will be exploring further value-added services on the platform to make the transaction very easy & smooth. This will create a larger market attraction for recycled plastics to be listed and purchased online through a one-stop-shop, due to our internal quality checks and equipped quality and certification team, we ensure that we promote quality assured regulatory compliant non-hazardous plastics and we explore areas of research and development through our Rebound Solutions, what plastics can be used, where, and who can be potential off-takers. This is how we shape a sustainable future.

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