Qaser Al Kout Introduces Kuwaiti Cuisine to Sharjah

A press conference recently announced the grand opening of Qaser Al Kout restaurant in Sharjah, attended by directors Abdul Salam Fossil, Mohamed Aslam, and Ramees Vazhayil.

On January 21, food lovers from across the UAE will gather at Sharjah’s vibrant food hub, Muwaileh, to experience the authentic tastes of Kuwaiti cuisine at Qaser Al Kout. This spacious dining venue, a unique addition to the region, promises to fulfil cravings for real Kuwaiti dishes, offering a wealth of culinary authenticity.

For those in the UAE seeking the traditional flavours of Kuwait, Qaser Al Kout offers a welcoming environment to enjoy meals with family and friends, indulging in delicious recipes prepared by expert chefs and served with outstanding hospitality. The kitchen, run by experienced chefs with decades of knowledge in Kuwaiti cuisine, ensures the flavours are as fresh and genuine as possible.

The official opening of Qaser Al Kout is scheduled for January 21, 2024, with His Excellency Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Nuaimi of the Ajman Ruling Family presiding over the ceremony, along with business delegates, special guests, and media representatives.

Managing Director and successful entrepreneur Mr. Abdul Salam Fossil, who has over 25 years of business experience in Kuwait, UAE, and India, played a key role in bringing the Kuwaiti culinary experience to Sharjah. Founder Abdul Salam, with over 20 years of service to Kuwaiti nationals and various businesses across the Middle East and India, had the vision to introduce the flavours of Kuwait to the UAE.

During a media interaction, Abdul Salam stressed, “Authentic Kuwaiti Flavours is not just a slogan, it embodies our core values.” He highlighted the exclusive menu that features a variety of local specialities, carefully crafted to bring the true essence of Kuwait to the UAE.

The restaurant prides itself on using the highest quality sheep breed of the UAE, ‘Naimi Mahilli,’ in its cuisine preparation, ensuring tasty and high-quality food. Qaser Al Kout is dedicated to serving 100% chemical and preservative-free food.

A signature dish that is a must-try at the restaurant is the ‘Salam’ Majboos, created by Abdul Salam himself. This popular and highly sought-after dish showcases his refined skills and years of experience. Guests are invited to embark on a gastronomic journey through Kuwaiti culinary traditions at Qaser Al Kout, where a deep appreciation for authentic flavours is expertly curated, making each visit a memorable experience.

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