“In Better Understanding Each Other, We Are More Likely to Include Others”

Wendy Stusrud, the VP of Global Partners at Pure Storage, says to build an inclusive culture, ensure that everyone has a voice and feels heard

How can companies empower more women and groom them into leadership roles?
Encouraging inclusion is really important to me. I faced challenges as a young woman entering the workforce and what so often lifted me was the spirit of inclusion. Ensuring there are opportunities for allyship will mean women feel empowered to move into a leadership role. It is also important to measure progress so that we can spot both areas for improvement and celebrate the wins.

Do you believe there is a need to bridge divides in gender equality attitudes across generations?
For every generation, ensuring open lines of communication is absolutely vital for success. I feel privileged to have extraordinary female colleagues at Pure Storage and within our partner ecosystem that span many generations. Their commitment to equality and inclusion inspires me every day.

According to you, what are the top three tips to build inclusive cultures, where people feel like they belong and be more engaged?
To build an inclusive culture, ensure that everyone has a voice and feels heard. It is also important to foster cross-cultural engagement, which can be done by establishing mentorship programs and employee resource groups. And finally, it is imperative that each person comes to the table as a champion and advocate for diversity, equality, equity, and belonging.

How can future generations be inspired to strive for equality and inclusivity?
If we authentically promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality in everything we do, we can inspire it in every generation. Additionally, be curious. Be curious about your teammate, your neighbour and those around you. In better understanding each other, we are more likely to include others.

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