Trackimo, an American-Israeli IoT solution provider that develops the world’s most compact and cost-effective tracking devices has confirmed its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2020. The company specialises in making trackers that work seamlessly indoors and outdoors, worldwide. Trackimo’s smart GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM, Wi-Fi trackers are purposed for personal, professional, industrial, and commercial use. As per Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the global GPS tracking devices market is projected to touch $3.9 billion by 2027.

Trackimo’s solutions have been already recognized and adopted by global mobile operators who sell Trackimo personal safety and asset tracking to their customers, supported by Trackimo’s global IoT cloud platform. The most successful Trackimo consumer IoT product launched recently is the Vodafone Curve Tracker.

Shai Bar-lavi, CEO, Trackimo

Shai Bar-lavi, CEO, Trackimo, said, “It is exciting to be part of this industry-defining tech innovation platform. We are looking forward to personally demonstrating our latest patented tracking capabilities to a variety of industries at the Gitex event in December. During the current pandemic, the GPS tracking industry has been viewed with a slightly different lens. While business owners are relying on state-of-the-art tracking products for gathering real-time asset location data and location-triggered alerts to optimise the deployment of high-value assets, governments in some countries are using GPS data to track the spread of the virus”

“We want to identify the potential markets in the GCC and the wider Middle East and Africa region through Gitex. From monitoring the safety of loved ones to tracking expensive professional gear to industrial and commercial integrations, Trackimo addresses a broad spectrum of tracking and monitoring needs. Tracking people, pets, luggage, shipments, drones, motorcycles, boats, cars, or remote-controlled objects and many other sectors can benefit from our seamless tracking technology. We are also aware that the UAE has several drone enthusiasts. With drones enduring a high susceptibility of theft and non-recovery, Trackimo empowers drone owners to LIVE track their drone crafts with its lightweight trackers that do not come in the way of the drone’s performance,” added Shai.

Hosted between December 6th and 10th at the Dubai World Trade Centre, GITEX Technology Week brings together buyers from the world’s largest tech buyers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia to test and collaborate with game-changing innovations from niche startups and global tech giants.

“UAE and other GCC countries have a very highly active commodities trade that highly depends on a fleet of trucks. Such large numbers of vehicles are also using GPS tracking devices to help reduce fuel costs and improve customer experience by decreasing response time through route optimisation. Tracking devices further enable fleet owners to reduce repair costs and increase profit margins. They are also likely to minimise theft probabilities. Fleet owners are now using GPS trackers in their vehicles also to maintain social distancing and avoid the risk of possible exposure,” added Shai.

Trackimo’s fleet management tracking solutions provide real-time asset monitoring and protection of high-value and remote assets, increasing accountability, efficiency, responsiveness, safety, and savings. “Industrial machines integrate rugged and weather-proof trackers to monitor and support non-powered and remote assets. On the B2C front, Trackimo keeps an eye on loved ones by alerting the guardian when the wearer leaves the safe zone/virtual fence or when the SOS button is pressed,” concluded Shai.

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