HYKE, a digital distribution platform, has launched in the UAE and KSA. The app-based platform will help suppliers meet its retailers through a proper channel designed to accommodate a holistic and robust network backed by relevant technology, supply chain infrastructure and market reach in just a few clicks, enabling the whole journey and transaction is a seamless and frictionless manner. HYKE has successfully this year accommodated over 5000 stores and more than 8000 in-store staff from its targeted network which covers the majority of the market and making it already the player with the highest reach. Founded in 2020, HYKE is a B2B digital platform that is well versed with market research of the smartphone distribution in UAE, KSA and Levant.

HYKE helps its partners to meet their retailers through the simple process of using an application and powered by a strong backend engine. What differentiates HYKE’s offerings from the traditional distribution setups, is its real-time data visibility of different relevant matrices required by suppliers and retailers, an efficient and instant communication board to improve effectiveness between parties, and a state of the art supply chain infrastructure, that holistically have made it possible for the B2B parties to connect instantly and in a much efficient manner.

Businesses have seen significant transformations in the current year, with the pandemic causing several sudden changes in the business environment. There has been an increase in the demand for online availability, efficiency in supply chain and market response. HYKE is a brilliant initiative to fill these gaps and remove any friction that exists in the product journey from the manufacturers to the retailers.

HYKE recently signed an operating partnership with popular entities like Saudi Arabia Telecom Company (STC), Zain Telecom, OPPO, and Realme, to name a few, to look after its supply chain infrastructure and enhance its operational efficiency. These renowned suppliers will provide HYKE with the stock, and HYKE, in return, will be responsible for distributing the smartphones to its retailers situated across the UAE and KSA. Now retailers can effortlessly request for an order for the stock through the HYKE app by placing order. User can have control over a dashboard which navigates through various information on orders, availability of stock, prices, duration, credit invoice and many other incentives which can be claimed instantly. Starting from the telecom industry, HYKE aims to build the most robust, innovative, and effective digital distribution experience for its users and to also to provide its services to other sectors such as electronics, accessories, and groceries.

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